Thursday, September 24, 2009

The Epitome of Misery

Here is my beautiful pregnant Dixie. She is due at anytime in the next week and she is miserable. I find myself sympathizing with her, having had two children myself. She has had her last prenatal bath and her belly has been shaved, exposing her already "Used" figure. All that she wants to do is lay in the coolest parts of the house and as close to a human as she can get. When you reach down to pet her she rolls (very slowly) for you to rub her belly. I think back to when I was pregnant and my belly would itch so badly. I wonder if she is felling the same way. Sometimes when you put you hand on her belly you can fell the little kicks of puppy paws. I wonder how many there will be this time?

Tuesday, July 28, 2009

Mama Dog

Dixie is in heat again. Hopefully we will have a new litter in a couple of months. Check back for updates.

Thursday, April 16, 2009

LuLu's Discovery

On Friday, April 10, I drove my two children to Foley, AL on the Gulf Coast. They were going to spend their spring break with their grandparents. Jonathan had to work so it was just me, the kids, and LuLu. That night we were unloading the car and LuLu discovered sand. My step-mom has some sand around the bottom of a few palm trees in the front yard. As soon as she stepped on it she stopped and looked down in amazement. She kept trying to dig in it so I took her inside.

The next morning I went outside with her to enjoy the beautiful sunshine. She found a pile of sand in the back yard and I am not exaggerating, she play for a least one hour in the sand. She would run and bounce on it to watch it fly into the air, she would dig in it and my favorite was when she would take a big bite of it and sling her head so the she could watch it fly through the air! I am surprised she didn't poop a sandcastle.

She did great on the trip. She traveled well in the car no whining, no accidents, and no car sickness. She would find a spot in the floor where the sun wasn't shining and sleep. She got along well with my Dad's jack russell, "Jack". They enjoyed running and wrestling with each other. LuLu did find a few spots that she liked. Her favorite was between these pots. The concrete was cool and shaded and the best part was Jack couldn't get her. she enjoyed her trip but was glad to get home and she her Mama!

Update on Auburn "Miley"

We had two of Dixie's puppies that were named "Miley" so I refer to this one as "Auburn Miley" since that is where she lives. Her owner sent us some pictures so I thought that I would post them. The first one is from her first night in her new home. I guess she was tired after her long trip. I know that I am bias, but these are just the cutest puppies I have ever seen!

Monday, April 13, 2009

Puppy Update

I know that it has been a couple of weeks since I posted an update. Me and my family have been under the weather so when I have had an extra minute I have just chilled out. We have sold all of the puppies. We sold one girl on Thursday, April 2 to a family in Weaver. I believe that they named her "Goldy Baby". They have a male golden that was so excited to have a new buddy.

On Friday a girl came up from Auburn, AL (home of the my Tigers, but that is another story) and bought our last female. She named her "Miley" and she was so excited to have her.

Saturday morning, Jonathan delivered our last male to a home in Saks, AL. This man had owned a golden before and was looking for a buddy. He had already planned to take his new puppy on a fishing trip.

We had sold one of the puppies at 6 weeks old, and we were keeping the puppy until April 4th. This puppy was a birthday surprise for a 10 yr. old girl who had been wanting a golden retriever. Her parents said that she had been researching on the computer what breed would be best for her and her family and she decided that the Golden was the best fit. We had been calling him "Green puppy" because we put a green collar on him since we were told that was the little girls favorite color.

The only puppy left at our house is our "LuLu". She has been so sweet. She is paper trained and partially house broken already! Her and her mother Dixie love to play and wrestle. It is so much fun watching them together!

Wednesday, April 1, 2009

The newly named Harper

We got a phone call yesterday from a family in Birmingham, AL. They have children 10 and 9 almost the same ages as mine. They wanted one of our little girls to join their family so we took the three females and Dixie to Birmingham. We decided that we would combine a puppy visit with a visit to my sister-in-law and family. They took this precious little girl. Her name is "Harper".

These are the other females that we have left. They had all just woken up so they look kind of groggy. They just sat and cuddled with us until the family got there.

Playing Outside

I told you that they were curious about my camera! This one was sniffing it out and about to attack.